Andyce shares why they love the Fulda Area credit union

“The tellers are very friendly and helpful. I’m glad to have the credit union here in Fulda.” ~Andyce, Fulda, MN

Gail has been with Fulda Area since the beginning and still loves everything they offer

“The service is awesome- the people are great and help you when you ask and/or need it. They have different stuff from you to choose from and if you do it’s nice. I’ve been here almost since they opened and […]

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Why does Cho love the Fulda Area credit union?

“Good service and very convenient!” ~Cho, Fulda, MN

Darin has 3 reasons for why he loves Fulda Area

” 1. The staff is friendly. 2. They have plenty of help. Very short wait times. 3. They have local staff and more personal relationships.” ~Darin, Fulda, MN

Fulda Area makes working with them a breeze for Julia

“They are so friendly and easy to work with!” ~Julia, Fulda, MN

Stacy loves Fulda Area for their services and security

“I love the friendly one-on-one staff, the easy loan processes, and I know that my money is safe as a member.” ~Stacy, Fulda, MN

Here’s why Pedro loves Fulda Area

“I like that they are good, quick, and easy” ~Pedro, Fulda, MN

Fulda Area supports their members through difficult times

“I love Fulda Area because they help me in many ways during difficult times.” ~Ira, Fulda, MN

Nathan appreciates the consistently great customer service at Fulda Area

“Always have kind customer service and always helpful and willing to work with people.” ~Nathan, Fulda, MN

Molly loves the courtesy at Fulda Area

“I’m always greeted with a smile!” ~Molly, Fulda, MN