Tina loves the customer service provided by Embarrass Vermillion

“The service is excellent and they are so friendly and helpful!” ~Tina, Embarrass, MN

If Sue has a problem, she knows she can go to Fulda Area

“Very helpful when you have a problem and helpful in getting loans and help with them.” ~Sue, Fulda, MN

What Andres loves about Fulda Area

“Good service!” ~Andres, Fulda, MN

Diane loves the transparency at Fulda Area

“They don’t have all the fees and hidden costs that I had to deal with at my previous bank.” ~Diane, Fulda, MN

What Gene loves about the Fulda Area credit union

“You’re not a bank and it shows!” ~Gene, Fulda, MN

Vickie always feels appreciated at Fulda Area

The Fulda Area credit union is awesome. Very prompt, helpful, and answers all my questions. It’s a great place to bank. The staff is awesome and they all always appreciate you as a customer.” ~Vickie, Fulda, MN

Paul switched from a bank to Northwoods credit union and couldn’t be happier

“I switched because of all the fees my previous bank charged. The staff is very helpful and friendly.” ~Paul, Cloquet, MN

Here’s why Michael loves his credit union

“It’s so nice to have a local credit union and all the staff is very friendly.” ~Michael, MN

Northwoods provides excellent customer service to Margaret

“They know who I am when I walk in the door and they are so willing to help!” ~Margaret, Cloquet, MN

With help from Northwoods, Kevin was able to get a new car

“Working with Northwoods credit union got me a new car that I love!” ~Kevin, Cloquet, MN