Chris has nothing but satisfaction with Two Harbors

“Happy members, I have always been a CU member, always being there for us” ~Chris, Two Harbors, MN

Yeng loves the familiarity at Teamsters CU

“It’s important to me that my credit union holds close relationships with their members. Being able to enter my institution and being greeted by the teller because they recognize me is a great feeling.” ~Yeng, Brooklyn Park, MN

Andrea shares her enthusiasm for Teamsters CU

“Teramsters Credit Union is exclusive! For Teamsters and their families! I love that my credit union is unique and exclusive for Teamsters who share this common union bond! My credit union understands Teamsters!” ~Andrea, St. Paul, MN

Diane shares her gratitude for Spire and everything they’ve done for her

“28 years ago I joined Spire so I could have direct deposit from my job on the night shift. I have had several snafus over the years none of which were caused by Spire but all of which were handled […]

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Joe loves that he is valued as a member at Spire

“My credit union loves me as a member not as a profit!” ~Joe, Bloomington, MN

Spire is a true community institution that cares

“Spire is within walking distance of my house. True sign of a community institution. I try to buy local, also bank local. They’re focus on me as a member and not some fat cat profit motive keeps me coming back.” […]

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Matthew finds Spire to be very inspiring!

“Spire “inspired” me by offering the lowest rates anywhere. Plus their service is top notch. They actually care about me and what I need. I’ve never been “sold” on anything but had it all explained for what would help me […]

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Joel’s sons were able to secure great car loans from SouthPoint FCU

“Both of my oldest son’s have now gotten car loans from SouthPoint Federal Credit Union. My oldest son has paid his loan off already due to the great rate he got.  My next son (a recent college graduate) just took […]

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As a SouthPoint employee, Jill is able to have a positive impact on members’ lives

“My credit union is great because every day that I come to work, I get to see how we impact our members’ lives! We don’t just open accounts and approve or deny them for loans, we listen & talk to […]

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Came to South Metro for the car loan rates, stayed for the servce

“We joined for their car loan rates after our son in law told us how he refinanced their car to a better rate at their credit union. Anyway, it’s a great place and we love the service. Really friendly people […]

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