Peter has been with Grand Rapids credit union since the ’60’s!

“I have been a member since the 60’s.  They helped me build 3 homes and lots of cars.  Service has always been great.  It’s wonderful.” ~Peter, Grand Rapids. MN

Muriel knows she can trust Wakota FCU

“It’s important to me that my financial institution is local.  I prefer to take a loan out at Wakota because I know and trust the people who work there and I can make my payments in person.” ~Muriel

Jonie has been with Wakota FCU since 1972 and hasn’t had a problem

“I have been a member since 1972 and have never had a problem.” ~Jonie, MN

Gary loves the familiarity found at Wakota FCU

“It’s nice to walk in and know the staff by name and vice versa.” ~Gary, MN

Wakota FCU has been there for Florence since 1956

“Financed our house in 1965 and a lot of cars throughout the years.  Employees are all friendly.” ~Florence, MN

The staff at Wakota FCU make all the difference to Brittney

“The staff at Wakota is very friendly and makes me feel welcome.” ~Brittney, Lakeland Shores, MN

Bonnie shares what’s important to her about Wakota FCU

“It’s important to me that my financial institution in easily accessible” ~Bonnie, Newport, MN

As a former bank employee, Tom found a better trust relationship at US Federal

Tamara loves the personal relationships found at US Federal

Serena loves the service, values and experiences at US Federal