Northern Communities CU’s new location a draw for Duluth students and residents

Northern Communities CU

Duluthian © March-April 2014 “Building Our City – The Shops at Bluestone” p. 44 – President and CEO Larry Champeaux of Northern Communities Credit Union (NCCYou) said the credit union’s second location in Duluth will put it right in front of college students and other possible customers. The 11,000-member credit union has been work with the new digital ways of banking.

“The BlueStone opportunity did come to us and we thought it was absolutely perfect,” Champeaux said.

“The demographic, or course, is UMD students and faculty, and they will be in tune to electronic services. We’ve confirmed that in visiting with students from UMD. They are going to do their banking using their smartphones.”

The credit union will be sort of an “e-branch,” taking into account the digital changes in banking, including smarter ATMs and minimal staffing to open accounts and provide lending services. It will have 1,200 square feet, including subleasing to an optical company, Champeaux said.

“We certainly wanted to be a part of it,” Champeaux said. “I can tell you truthfully – we are very excited to be there.”

The first time Champeaux and his management team visited BlueStone, they left very impressed. He said the positive impression was from top to bottom – the inspiring views from the top floor of the lofts to the convenient paths from the shops across the street to UMD’s campus.

“We like the fact that students will be able to walk up to our office and be able to come right in,” said Champeaux.

Champeaux and the credit union had multiple meetings with Lambert and the Summit Management team, and the positive first impression lasted.

“We are excited to bring credit union services to that community – students in particular,” Champeaux said. “Our credit union is owned by our members, like all credit unions are, and our whole purpose is to help our memberships. We are happy to be there and help out a lot of members that are going to UMD or wherever.”