Ogilvie school announces Students of the Quarter, sponsored by Greater Minnesota CU

Ogilvie Students of the Quarter Greater MN CU 2

Kanabec County Times © 03/24/2014 – OGILVIE, Minn. – Junior high student, Matthew Warren, was selected from the seventh – ninth-grade level category. Matthew, an eighth-grader, is the son of Bryan and Karyn Warren. He is involved in wrestling, track, band and jazz band. He’s also involved in the youth group at the Lighthouse Fellowship in Milaca.

His favorite subjects in school are algebra, because he thinks it is fun and challenging, and geography because he likes to learn about the different countries and their cultures. Matthew likes to draw and listen to music when he has free time. He feels school is important because you will need it “to get a good education in order to be successful in the future.” Matthew plans on being a math teacher and a wrestling coach (just like Mr. Adam Halvorson). He is considering attending the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

High school student, Michelle Stahnke, was selected from the 10th – 12th-grade level category. Michelle, a junior, is the daughter of Tim Stahnke and Sheila Marie Sager. Some of her activities include: volleyball, being the wrestling manager, being a member of the Prom Committee, taking part in the spring musical “Smile,” helping out in the high school office, and donating blood to the Red Cross. Her hobbies include: cheerleading, hunting, camping, watching sporting events at school and hanging out with friends.

Michelle’s favorite class in school is math because she thinks it is challenging and interesting. She believes school is important because, “it educates you and teaches you responsibility. Being educated gives you many opportunities to choose a career you want. Michelle’s future goal is to attend Winona State University and go into the field of nursing. Some day, she would like to deliver babies.

Greater Minnesota Credit Union sponsors the Student of the Quarter program at Ogilvie this year.

Ogilvie Students of the Quarter Greater MN CU